For thousands of years, the Arctic sea ice has naturally protected our planet from the heat of the sun. But now the ice is melting at an alarming rate, putting the Arctic Ocean – and us all – under threat. Declare MAPS: the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary today to protect this vulnerable ecosystem, and our world.


We stand at a pivotal moment in human history. We must recognize the special role of the Arctic Ocean in preserving and nurturing all life on earth and take urgent steps to protect it while we still can. Please join the growing international coalition of organizations calling for MAPS: the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. It only takes the signatures of 99 countries for the MAPS Treaty to enter into force. We must achieve this now. The planet can’t wait.


By joining the MAPS coalition, you commit to:

  • Endorse MAPS as an immediate solution to prevent species loss, stabilize the planet’s weather patterns and protect all of  humanity
  • Make the realization of MAPS part of your organization’s strategic objectives
  • Inspire grassroots support for MAPS through wide-reaching outreach activities
  • Help to collect millions of signatures on the MAPS petition to demonstrate strong public will for MAPS to our world leaders
  • Hold government representatives accountable to sign the MAPS Treaty for the sake of all life on this planet
  • Collaborate with other member organizations of this coalition to amplify our efforts and accelerate the realization of MAPS

There is no time to move incrementally. We must work together to mobilize on an international scale. Your commitment to action will model the way for others to follow. Together, MAPS is possible.






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