We are a coalition of organizations and businesses around the world who know that a healthy planet depends on a healthy Arctic Ocean ecosystem. We call for the immediate establishment of the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary.


The Arctic Ocean plays a pivotal role in regulating global temperatures on land and at sea. With the loss of sea ice, weather patterns are increasingly chaotic, affecting global food supply, clean drinking water, and the safety of our homes, while causing, even more melting. 

The strength of the Arctic sea ice and the health of our oceans are critical to the survival of humanity and the biodiversity on the planet. Protecting the Arctic Ocean is a matter of survival for all living things.



  • Protects the fragile Arctic ecosystem, which has been a peace park for thousands of years by its very nature.
  • Safeguards remaining sea ice from damage by exploitation, helping to keep the planet cool.
  • Helps prevent natural disasters such as forest fires, floods and droughts
  • Declares our global commitment to sustainable energies and our cessation of the use of fossil fuels by saying “no” to offshore Arctic oil and gas
  • Unites world leaders in agreement to no longer put short-term gain ahead of long-term consequence



Right now, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) gives coastal countries the freedom to exploit natural resources within their exclusive economic zones. But what happens in the Arctic Ocean affects all life on the planet. The international community must protect the Arctic Ocean, not allow its exploitation.

Entering into force with the signatures of 99 countries, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary Treaty designates the entire Arctic Ocean and seabed north of the Arctic Circle as an international marine protected area. While permitting scientific research and encouraging working relationships with specialized UN agencies, it prohibits all harmful activities including oil and gas exploitation, commercial fishing and shipping, seismic testing and military exercises.





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