For millennia, the frozen Arctic Ocean has provided the ideal conditions for humanity to grow and thrive. Now, the ice is disappearing fast, and with it, our future. We must protect what remains. With MAPS, we can.

On a scale never before seen, MAPS addresses multiple global humanitarian and ecological crises. MAPS is practical and immediately achievable. It does not require a complex regulatory framework, lengthy negotiations, physical infrastructure, or costly interventions such as geoengineering. It only requires the commitment from nations to abide by the MAPS Treaty.

Entering into force with the signatures of 99 world leaders, the MAPS Treaty declares all ocean waters north of the Arctic Circle off limits to commercialization and militarization. An essential addendum to the UN Law of the Sea which currently permits these harmful activities within coastal waters, the Treaty protects the vitally important Arctic Ocean for the good of all.

SignMAPS Coalition members from around the world are a key driving force to raise awareness and urge world leaders to sign the MAPS Treaty—through leveraging networks and brands, engaging stakeholders for MAPS at events and international forums, creative collaborations that speak to global audiences, and publishing articles about why the crisis in the Arctic Ocean is a crisis for all life.

When we work together, we can increase global support for MAPS exponentially. Please join us.

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