MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, changes our global trajectory from destruction to survival.

It protects the Arctic Ocean as the world’s largest marine preserve (8 million square km), stopping the exploitation and militarization that puts us all at risk.

Unlike other initiatives that seek to protect only the High Seas in the central part of the ocean, MAPS keeps destructive activities out of all waters north of the Arctic Circle. MAPS is the only meaningful protection for the Arctic Ocean because most exploitation takes place along coastlines.

In a single, visionary act of conservation, MAPS:

  • Safeguards remaining sea ice from damage by exploitation, helping to keep the planet cool
  • Helps prevent extreme weather events such as heat domes, forest fires, floods, droughts and hurricanes
  • Protects our homes, food and water supplies, global immunity, economic balance, social stability, and world peace
  • Helps keep methane and pathogens safely buried in frozen permafrost
  • Catalyzes a global shift towards renewable energies and prevents 148 trillion kg of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere
  • Unites world leaders in agreement to no longer put short-term gain for a few ahead of long-term suffering for all
  • Supports every UN Sustainable Development Goal
  • Creates the necessary global pivot in thinking to sustain the protected area  
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